Fun for all!

We offer a range of different activities to guarantee there is something for everyone to enjoy! Each day you will get the opportunity to choose which activities you would like to take part in. All of our activities are conducted on site using our own facilities and trained staff.

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Fancy yourself as the next Robin Hood? Then archery is a great choice for you! Test your skills and take on the challenge of hitting the crazy apple. Pop those balloons and bag yourself a tasty treat. Or simply show off your talent and hit the bullseye!

Never tried archery before? Don’t worry, our trained instructors will teach you all you need to know to shoot a bow and arrow. You will be hitting that target in no time!

Assault Course

Love to bounce? Then come and join us on the inflatable assault course! Bounce your way to victory in our timed relay races. Speed through the obstacles in a race to get to the other side. Or simply enjoy bouncing with your friends!

Please note – This activity is only available during certain kids camps.

Bubble football

Challenge your friends to a game of football, with a twist! Jump into one of our inflatable bubbles and battle it out on the pitch to get the giant inflatable ball into the net.

This activity guarantees to have you rolling in laughter!


Explore the outdoors and learn how to survive in the wild ‘Bear Grylls’ style!

Create a shelter to protect yourself from the elements. Learn how to tie knots and make sure your structure is safe. Build yourself a fire to keep warm and boil some water for a nice cup of hot chocolate at the end of a hard day’s work.


Canoeing is a great chance to get outside and enjoy the water. Race your friends around the islands. Feeling brave? Test your nerve and stand on the edge of your boat!

Collect the most ducks from the water to win a free hot chocolate. Take on our canoe run and finish with a splash!

Commando run

Race your friends through the various obstacles and finish with a splash as you slide into the lake.

Feeling up for a challenge? Test your speed and try to beat our gladiators across the course. But beware, if they catch you they will throw you in the lake!


See yourself as more of the artistic type? Join us in craft and allow your imagination to run wild! We offer a variety of crafts ranging from mug decorating to model making.

This activity comes with the added bonus of having your very own creative keepsake to take home with you and remember your time at Pine Lake!


Our lake is packed full of huge fish!

Take up a rod and have a go at fishing with your friends. Your patience will pay off with a great catch!

Battle Zone

We have an area surrounded in camouflage netting where we let the children loose with nerf guns!

Each session is led by a Battle Zone Commander who will guide you through the non-stop activities. Test your aim as you battle it out in our nerf zone. Hide behind the barriers and dodge the bullets as they come flying by. The target… your friends! The mission… to be the last man standing.


Grab a bib and enjoy a classic game of football with your friends. Challenge each other with a penalty shootout.

Play well, impress our coaches and see who gets man of the match!


Jump into our new thunderball pit and compete with your friends to be the thunderball champion. Dodge the ball as it comes rolling by! Knock it to hit your components below the knee to ensure a victory!