Youth camp is really good because you get to meet lots of lovely people and experience new things. The food is amazing and there are so many great activities such as; canoeing, archery, nerf wars and more. The Bible studies and verses are good to learn and memorise. It's amazing to come and enjoy these 3 days! - Lisa 
Pine Lake was the best experience ever! The food is the best, they have really good activities including: canoeing (which is great), archery (great to test your skills), crafts and footie! We learn different Bible verses and talks everyday. We get to meet lots of lovely people and chat to one another. Dorm time is good to learn and remember Jesus. Pine Lake is the most amazing 3 days to experience. My time there is unforgettable and a memory that will last forever. - Kyle 
The Pine Lake camp is an amazing experience and opportunity. Its not just playing games and doing activities, its about learning and developing. Going on the camps really helps open your eyes to God and his word. You get to meet new people and develop friendships. With the great food, amazing people and fun activities, Pine Lake camps are a brilliant must go. - Marcellus