You should go to camp because it is awesome! You get to play fun activities and the food is great. Canoeing is cool, there are always fun challenges along the way. - Ethan

Pine Lake is my most exciting place to go in the holidays! There food is amazing and I love the environment. One of my most precious moments there is the activities that are run by the lovely leaders who make everyone feel welcome. - Dominique 
The food at camp is extraordinary. It fills you up and is nice. Theirs enough food to give you energy. Camp is so good it is awesome to get away from home and be free. It helps you learn more about God and why we believe in him. The activities are fun and lets us try things we have never done before! - Felicia 
Camp has amazing activities and they are great fun! There is canoeing, craft, bushcraft and loads more. Everybody comes back laughing. Come join! - Hadassa
The camp is good because there is good food. The activities are good and you can choose the one you want to do on that day! You get to learn about God and Jesus in all different ways throughout the day which is good. - Alexalilly
Pine Lakes got talent is so good and we get to do lots of different things such as singing, dancing, drawing and acting. Last years winner drew Spongebob Sqaurepants, it was a cool drawing! - Jemima
The best thing about camp is that you get to mix with loads of different fun and lovable people. I also love camp because the activities are really fun and you get to enjoy everything (especially the food!). The sessions are also amazing because everyone loves the songs, dancing and the quizzes. - Georgia