Our Goal £500,000 £291877.86

When the Sports Hall facility is completed, it will enable the work of camps to go on all year round whatever the weather.

Progress so far

In recent weeks, we have had the external walls rendered and some internal plastering. The steelwork supporting the first floor has been sprayed with intumescent paint. We have painted the store room, games room and the main sports hall area.

Future work as the Lord provides

We would like to fill the roof with solar panels as well as batteries to store the power. We also want to install heat pumps. In the coming weeks, we need some metal studwork installing on the first floor and first fix electrics. The Sports Hall floor has been ordered due to shortages in supplies. We also would like to order the internal doors and vinyl flooring, again due to short supplies. Suspended ceilings are being quoted for as well as heat recovery and heating systems. The stairs will be completed and installed within a month.

If you would like any further details, please get in touch.

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