Our Goal £500,000 £291657.86

When the Sports Hall facility is completed, it will enable the work of camps to go on all year round whatever the weather.

Progress so far

In the last couple of months, the slabs and screeds have been laid on the ground floor and first floor. The shower rooms have had the ACO drainage installed and the floors screeded. In the last two weeks, the windows and doors have been installed so now the building is water tight. We have made a start on sealing the walls while we wait for some calculations which will determine what heating system we will have.


Future work as the Lord provides

The price to finish has gone up as we are wanting to up the specification which we feel will be beneficial in the long run and keep the running costs lower. We would like to fill the roof with solar panels as well as batteries to store the power. We also want to install heat pumps. In the coming weeks, we need some metal studwork installing on the first floor and first fix electrics. We already have quotes for the Sports Hall flooring.


If you would like any further details, please get in touch.

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