Our Goal £7,500 £1395

£7,500 pays for one set of Exhibition boards

What is a Bible Exhibition?

Our Bible exhibitions give us the opportunity to come to you. During an exhibition the children will be taken through a series of stories from the Bible. Foundation Matters sees the importance of an all-inclusive educational experience. Our emphasis is on teaching the facts and making sure the children understand that they are learning about ‘what Christians believe’ and ‘what the Bible teaches’. The children experience a fifty five minute session during which we will cover key areas in religious education, history and geography, meeting Biblical characters along the way. Our sessions are engaging with the use of different visual aids and fully interactive, giving the children opportunities to dress and eat like they would in bible times. These quality exhibitions have taken place extensively around the UK over many years, reaching over one million children.

Normally, a church makes a request for us to visit their area and sponsors the exhibition so there is no cost to the school. The vast majority of schools request that we go in on a yearly basis. We are happy to come into any school.

We provide 3 different Bible Exhibitions –


The Amazing Journey – 

During this exhibition the children are taken through a historical journey through the Bible. They will see where the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans fit into history.


The Life and Times of Jesus – 

This exhibition is the follow-up to ‘The Amazing Journey’ which focuses on the Gospels and looks at different aspects of the life of Jesus.


The Amazing Acts – 

During this exhibition the children will hear of the beginnings of the early church through the Apostle Paul, as the message of Jesus spreads across Asia and Europe in the first century A.D.

If you are interested in booking one of our Bible exhibitions, Book a Bible Exhibition and fill out our enquiry form.

Overseas Bible Exhibitions

We have now translated and taken the new Bible Exhibition (the life of Jesus) into Germany, Nicaragua, Lithuania and Uganda. There is now the potential for many more thousands of children to hear the Gospel presented. We would really like the Exhibition to be made available elsewhere in the world. There are some countries who cannot afford the cost of the display boards, so all gifts will go to the printing and distribution of these materials. The target amount will cover the cost of display boards, graphics and training. There is also the need for supporting dedicated workers in taking this valuable resource around different countries. Please get in touch for more information.


The translation for a Ukrainian Bible Exhibition on the Life of Jesus has been completed in Detmold Germany. We are now ready to go to print and initially we would like to take two into the country. It is a war-zone, but believers inside the country recognise that there is a thirst for truth in these troubled times. This resource will help believers meet the spiritual needs of both the young and old. Some of our partners including Pocket Testament League and OM are providing gospels and Bibles. We plan to do the training in early February. If you would like to support this project please get in touch.

Exhibition to Nicaragua

Exhibition to Lithuania

Exhibition to Uganda