Journey through John - Trailer 


John 1 Episode 1 - The Living Word 

John 1 Episode 1 introduces us to the Living Word. Who is he? What is his purpose? This episode seeks to answer these questions by taking us back to the very beginning when God created the world.

John 1 Episode 2 - Prepare the way!

John 1 Episode 2 announces the arrival of ‘The Lamb of God.’ During this episode we will unpack what this phrase means and why John the Baptist uses it to describe Jesus. 

John 1 Episode 3 - Come and you will see 

John 1 Episode 3 describes the personal encounter of Jesus with his first disciples. See how he begins to reveal to each of them that he is the promised Messiah from the family line of Jacob. 

John 2 Episode 4 - Water into wine 

John 2 Episode 4 records the first time Jesus uses his miraculous power. But did Jesus turn water into wine just to avoid the celebrations being ruined, or is there a deeper meaning behind this first miracle…?

John 2 Episode 5 - Jesus in the temple 

In John 2 Episode 5 Jesus travels to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Here we experience Jesus’ anger for the first time as the people dishonour his Father’s house. In this episode we will dig deep into the roots behind this traditional Jewish festival and how it points us to Jesus - our Passover lamb. 

John 3 Episode 6 - Born again 

In John 3 Episode 6 Jesus makes a strange claim - “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” I’m sure just like Nicodemus we all wonder how this can be possible? Dive into this episode and discover the wonderful meaning behind this statement. 

John 3 Episode 7 - Greater than all 

In John 3 Episode 7 we see Jesus’ reputation growing rapidly. During this time John the Baptist explains clearly to his followers that it is Jesus who must become greater, because He is the Son of God, and only through Him can we receive eternal life. 

John 4 Episode 8 - The Saviour of the world 

John 4 Episode 8 takes us through the moment when Jesus met a Samaritan woman. See how this brief conversation with Jesus changed this woman’s life forever. She begins as a social outcast, but ends up knowing Jesus as her own personal saviour and leading many in her village to believe too! 

John 4 Episode 9 - Your son will live! 

John 4 Episode 9 records the second miracle that Jesus performed in Galilee. Jesus proves once again that He is the Son of God by healing this sick boy in an unusual way - from a distance! The result is that his entire household come to believe in Jesus. 

John 5 Episode 10 - The Lame walk

In John 5 Episode 10 we see another miracle of healing that Jesus performed. However, this miracles didn’t have the same affect as before. Lets explore what happened here and dig into the reasons behind the opposition that arose. 

John 5 Episode 11 - Jesus tells the truth

John 5 Episode 11 is a difficult passage of scripture, but there is lots to learn! There is a choice to made: Will we listen to the message of Jesus and believe in God who sent him or not?