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Jem and Sue Hudson

Jem and Sue have been in full time Christian work since 1991. They have looked to the Lord to provide for their personal needs and the needs of the ministry. Read more

Graham and Alison Kennedy

Graham had his first cartoons in print when aged 10! In 1976 he moved to Dundee working for D C Thomsons as a cartoonist - worked on 'Dennis the Menace', 'Desperate Dan' etc. Read more

Joni and Jennie Hudson

Joni and Jennie are fully involved in the camps at Pine Lake, local schools work and church outreach. Joni has been full time with Foundation Matters since 2011. Read more

Andrew and Jane Malkin

Andy and Jane came to work at Pine Lake in 2014. After being involved in high class building projects, they moved here to be a help in the work. Read more

Kevin and Ros Carter

Kevin and Ros joined the team in 2016. After 35 years in the food industry, Kevin and Ros moved up from Surrey to be involved in the kitchen. Read more

Tim and Lea Di Betta

Tim and Lea sent their girls on camp before Tim offered his help as a worker. Tim is involved in teaching on the various camps. Read more

Sam and Rebecca Hudson

Sam and Rebecca have both been teachers before joining the work at Pine Lake. They are involved in teaching on camps and running various activities. Read more