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Sports Hall

When the Sports Hall facility is completed, it will enable the work of camps to go on all year round whatever the weather. Read more

Media Projects

Journey through John available by the end of September 2018! Read more

Archery Zone

We have an area adjacent to the Nerf Zone where we plan to build a purpose built archery range. Read more

Bible per Child

We regularly come across children and young people that do not own a Bible and often they ask us for one. Read more

Mountain Biking

A great opportunity for children to get outdoors, get muddy and improve their skills. Read more


We've noted that there are a number of children and young people who love fishing and often comment that they would like to do this at Pine Lake. Read more

Climbing Frame

With the double height Sports Hall, we’ll be able to bring the great outdoors inside. Read more

Book Cafe

The Bookcafe is another part of the original vision for Pine Lake. Read more

Staff Accommodation

As the work expands and the number of camps increase, the need for more staff is very evident. Read more