Joni, Jennie and Ben had an incredible adventure in Uganda. Our good friend Moses has set up a charity called Starfish Foundation, supporting struggling families with basic needs and school fees for the children. He has also been heavily involved in setting up a clinic in a rural area for disabled children. Joni was particularly encouraged with the lads he met last time he went to Uganda (8 years ago). They are now grown up and establishing themselves in work and church life.

We had the opportunity of leading multiple assemblies in different primary and secondary schools. Hundreds of children listened intently to the message of the cross or the story of Zaccheus. They were hungry for God's Word! Aaron, co-worker with Moses, works with the Gideon's so we were able to give out hundreds of Bibles along with clothes/toys which had been donated by members of our local church. We would like to resource them with more evangelistic materials in the future, particularly the Bible Exhibition.