A great opportunity for children to get outdoors, get muddy and improve their skills. We have approximately 2-3km of track that can be used for mountain biking around the 55 acre plot. For the development of this activity we will need: A fleet of quality mountain bikes to suit a range of ages; An obstacle course to be built to develop a range of skills; A trail to be developed around the site and bike safety and maintenance kit. This activity would be introduced into our holiday camps and school residential camps during the Spring / Summer of 2018, or as the Lord provides.  

Progress so far: During the summer of 2017, we cleared 12 acres of land which had really overgrown. We put the land back to pasture and grass seeded the area. We also divided the area putting in the posts ready for the track. Sam has also done some training ready for leading this activity. 

Future work as the Lord provides: Sam is taking a qualification so that he is able to lead this activity with the children. We also need to purchase the bikes and safety helmets etc.

If you require any further information, please get in touch.