Completed Projects

Journey through John

This video series takes viewers through the Gospel of John word for word and is interspersed with commentary. Accompanied with on site footage in Israel and incredible artwork, this teaching series is perfect for individual learning and also group meetings. To see these videos click here!

Ongoing Projects 

Discipleship Video Series

This video project will include videos designed specifically for the new Christian - from discovering how to gain victory over sin through to what it means to be a witness for Christ, these videos will equip the new believer to mature in their relationship with God.


Illustrating the whole Bible is a big task. Graham Kennedy is producing world class Bible illustrations in 16:9 format. Children love seeing these detailed, realistic pictures, which tell the story and captivate them. As well as on the big screen, these illustrations are being used in resources that we are developing.

Progress so far: This latest series is covering the major stories of the Bible showing clearly God's love for the world. In this series through the Bible, he has illustrated over 60 pictures coving the life of Joseph.

Future work as the Lord provides: As the work continues, Graham will fill in a lot of the gaps that don't feature in the chronological approach of laying foundations and teaching the Good News about Jesus. This will include other better known stories as well as the not so well known stories. Plenty for him to get on with!

If you would like any further details, please get in touch.